Tumbling in Albany, NY, USA

Jan 30
“‘You p-p-persist in your error, my son,’ Father Joe tells him. ‘Contemptus does not mean “contempt”. It means “detachment”.’” Piers Paul Read, review of Tony Hendra, Father Joe.

“The saints themselves do not perform miracles: this is done by God at their request.” Piers Paul Read, Do Miracles Happen?

“Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own…For learning purposes there is no substitute for one human mind meeting another on the page of a well-written book.” Charles Scribner, Jr., quoted in Charles Scribner III, F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Personal Perspective

Jan 28
“Pagan temples, reflecting ancient worship, proclaimed their sacredness externally: the exteriors, facing the public, were sheathed in marble columns and adorned with relief sculpture brightly painted. The Christian basilicas, by contrast, were designed to house congregations that assembled inside to worship their God in a participatory fashion. Hence the rows of magnificent marble columns were moved inside to reinforce the ceremonial procession from entrance to altar, while the wall surfaces were dematerialized by glowing mosaics and frescoes and punctuated by windows to illuminate this New Jerusalem, a symbolic heaven on earth.” Charles Scribner III, Catholic Themes in Art and Music.

“Sometimes you have to have a lot of life behind you in order to be simple. If I give you very simple answers it is not because I have only lived five minutes, you know.” Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, quoted in Charles Scribner III, A Pilgrimage to Schruns: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf at Ninety

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Atarashiki tsuchi aka Die Tochter des Samurai, 1937, Arnold Fanck/Mansaku Itami

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Jan 17
Instagram of Harry’s Corner Shop sign, 64 Macdougal Street at Houston, New York, NY 10012, by oliviawongnyc

Instagram of Harry’s Corner Shop sign, 64 Macdougal Street at Houston, New York, NY 10012, by oliviawongnyc

Jan 16


Repast (1951)

Repast, Mikio Naruse’s first adaptation of the work of celebrated Japanese novelist Fumiko Hayashi, is one of his very finest films, a deceptively simple examination of a troubled marriage, told with the penetrating insight and elegant images that made Naruse such an extraordinary artist. It features one of the greatest performances by the luminous Setsuko Hara, who was a master of gesture and glances which reveal her character without any dialogue needing to be spoken. Her line readings and inflections, sighs, and exclamations all draw us in and make us sympathize with this often opaque, mysterious and forbidding character.”

Christopher Bourne, Meniscus Magazine

Alternative Candidate Rating: 4/5