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“Love includes liking; being in love does not, though the pair in that condition are not aware of their dislike (or mutual indifference) till too late. Their quarrels might alert them, but usually don’t.” Jacques Barzun

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“I had occasion to meet JB in his office in Scribner’s during those days after the book [Endless Rapture] was published. The office was large enough, with a clutter of books and a sofa off to the side. He was tall, good-looking without being overly handsome. Light-colored clothes, light tie. Older, in a nice way. Were this a romance novel, I would report that I, beautiful and proud, walked into the office with chin high, looked into his face, and broke into tears. And that he took me to the sofa, sat me down, his arm gentle but firm on my small shoulder; and that I clung to him and sobbed until he quieted me. And that we talked and talked until I was calm.” Helen Hazen, “Endless Rewriting,” The American Scholar, Spring, 2013.

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Jacques Barzun,  Lincoln the Literary Genius

Jacques Barzun,  Lincoln the Literary Genius

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